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Kimberly's offerings

Multi Dimensional Connection


Kimberly's written readings explore the many facets of the human Chakra system and the dimensional healing within the realms of time, space and energy.  By removing blocks stored in the bodies' infrastructure, one can process out any feelings of fear, anger, sadness, and doubt. This creates more space for Joy, love, and the process of forgiveness. Kimberly is a conduit for healing energies.  Her experience, strength and passion support your on-going journey to consciousness. 

Kimberly is a spiritual medium. She offers  intuitive consultations, written readings for mind, body, and soul. Looking for healing answers connect to your spiritual self. Angelic healing and guidance. Empowering messages for your higher purpose. 

Receive messages from your spirit guides, guardian angels, and loved ones. 

Kimberly's personalized integrative sessions are light centered and intuitive. They promote health, healing insight and guidance. Access a higher dimension and raise your vibration  in your one on one session. 

Reconnect, Mind Body Soul

This combination of massage, Reiki, light Shiatsu, and Healing Energies reflects gentle movement, compression and stretching to rebalance your chakra system to calm your energy system.  Your experience throughout the session is unique to your mind, body, and soul.

You'll have a feeling of coming to your senses. 

90 minute

60 minute

Healing Energies / Usui System of Natural healing (Reiki).

This gentle hands on process that is deeply relaxing and is a means of working with energy.  Reiki/Healing Energies promotes healing on all levels, working deep to every cell every tissue of the body, mind, and  spirit.

90 minute

60 minute

Healing energies is not a religion, nor does it require you to belong to any particular belief system. It works in conjunction with and is an addition to medical and non-medical treatments.


The Power of "Just Massage"

 "Just Massage" is a technique used to facilitate a form of action combining traditional massage with Lymphatic facilitation, Therapeutic Massage, and Range of Motion.

With this technique the massage reaches deep within the body's infrastructure to boost the body's  internal environment supporting homeostasis.

90 minute

60 minute

Swedish Massage is a traditional massage with a system of long gentle strokes, effleurage, combined with kneading techniques, friction to help facilitate circulation, movement of joints and muscles to generate a overall sensation of relaxation. Swedish massage calms the central nervous system.

90 minute

60 minute

Hot Stone Massage should not be taken lightly. This strong combination of heat, oil, smooth rocks and movement incorporated into a massage routine generates a therapeutic sensation that carries through to the muscle tissue,  softening and relaxing the body. 

It promotes relaxation for mind, body and soul, helps alleviate stress, relaxes muscles, and ligaments, releases 

toxins, and helps with circulation.

90 minute

Body Mind Spirit


Intuitive written readings, Healing Energies, and Massage. 

This is your time to explore the many sacred aspects of nature, healing your body, reconnecting to you soul, and awakening parts of your human spirit. This is your process. 

Reconnect to self.

  • Relaxing 
  • Rejuvenating 
  • Rebalancing
  • Rebuilding
  • Bodywork, Massage, and Healing Energies         

We are not replacing traditional medicine techniques. We want to complement the whole individual with all healing modalities reaching the maximum healing potential to create a spectrum of healing energies. We can do this by changing the blocked energies.

  • Tools for transformation
  • Rejuvenation
  • Intuitive consultation
  • Heart centered





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